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Three Effective Church Fundraiser Ideas

Revenue is down everywhere. The offering plate is no exception, so additional church fundraisers are becoming a little tricky. Some congregations are trying to become innovative with their church fundraiser ideas while others are remaining traditional. Still others are casting about for effective ideas. Here are three effective fund raising ideas that can be used across the spectrum of denominations.

Church Pictures

Church fundraisers like this offers a two for one deal for your congregation. Most families enjoy having pictures taken at different times throughout their maturity. Young couples want pictures that include newborns, middle-age couples want a last picture before the children all move away, and elderly couples want a picture together for memory sake. Tough economic times make it difficult to incorporate these photos into a budget, but if the added incentive of helping the church is put in the mix, many families will make the money available. By scheduling family pictures through your church, you actually help families avoid the struggle with their conscience over church obligations and a luxury item.

Old-fashioned Bazaar

This is a great idea for large or small congregations. Tough economic times lead to fewer family outings. Most parents feel a bit sad about that, so a church fundraiser that includes games and pony rides is a great way to break that cycle. Several groups do not allow gambling, but a church bazaar can include many games that do not require the exchange of money on chance. Dunking booths, pony rides, and simple ring toss games can be rented or made fairly cheaply. Mix in a bake sale and a low price dinner and you have a recipe for fellowship and fundraising.

Bake Sale

You can not discuss church fundraiser ideas without a bake sale coming up. It is hard to imagine that very many people walk by a church bake sale without picking up a few brownies or a small cake. It usually is not very hard to get all of the items you need donated by church members. The hardest part is scheduling workers at the different locations. That can be the most frustrating things for a fundraiser’s organizer to deal with.

Churches are facing the double-whammy of dwindling attendance and decreased funds. The tithes and offerings are barely covering basic expenses. These three church fundraiser ideas can bring in needed cash for alternative ministries as well as help your church fellowship drive.

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church fundraising portrait directories KY, WV, VA, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, FL

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